Release Notes 2016-12-13

New functionality:

  • After making changes to your site, you will be reminded to publish your content via a notification bar. You will never forget to republish your site anymore!

  • Additions for your site:
    • If there are too many items in your submenu, these will now displayed in a nice way
    • The POI items have more detailed information, in the tooltip overlay
    • You are now able to successfully share your content through Twitter and Facebook, with the right image and description for your Blog articles.

  • Design changes within the builder:
    • New navigation buttons
    • Added hover state to all clickable buttons and links
    • Content menu has new colors and icons
    • New animations, when switching from mobile to desktop editor
    • Preview functionality has been moved to the navigation bar
    • Where applicable, we have done some polishing to make it look even better

  • New functionality for the Desktop editor:
    • You are able to turn off the default overlay of background videos
    • We have added a switch to show all the content in the OnePage site, or to show a preview with a ‘read more’ button for the information and content block

  • You can take your site offline, from the publish page.


  • Analytics wasn’t working under certain conditions
  • Header script was sometimes placed in the body of the site
  • Several fixes to the text editor, for example in the information block
  • Blocks can now be managed on mobile, under the submenu and lock block
  • Font color sometimes was too similar to the background color
  • The store didn’t have any demo data, when it was added to a new site
  • Detail view of Google+ items were not displayed correctly on mobile
  • Docx files could not be downloaded on Edge, from the content block
  • Several fixes regarding diacritic symbols
  • OnePage header animation resulted in a broken view on Firefox
  • Several fixes for the Desktop Editor / OnePage for the iPad
  • Several fixes for the content block
  • URL’s with HTTPS are now opened correctly from the webpage / URL block
  • The weather block didn’t allow adding a city
  • Several fixes for the store
  • Fixes for the People block
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