Release Notes 2015-9-22

Text editor improvements

  • Upload images is available
  • small bug fixes

Future plans: Text editor does need more improvements on mobile

Content block

AppMachine is working on a new Content block which is great to design webpages that are responsive.

  1. Open a site on
  2. Click the Add More content button on the Content tab
  3. Type "content" in the search bar
  4. Try it yourself

This block is still in beta because editting your Content block on the mobile doesn't work great. 

List of smaller things which are fixed

  • Create account buttons sometimes showed the login screen.
  • Improved skin selectors based on your logo and website
  • Improvements on user friendliness when Logging In, Creating an account and Publishing
  • Fixed an issue where it wasn’t possible to upload new backgrounds and logo’s while on a mobile phone
  • Several fixes when using on an iPad
  • Performance improvements for Weather


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