Release Notes 2015-10-22

New in the Impressly builder:

  • New appearance for We updated the look and feel of the builder. The headers and the navigation on the left side are more clean with dark grey colors.
    We also implemented a side menu on the right side where you can find Account Settings, My Sites and Support


New features to make your website look better:

  • We added a new setting for the "Desktop version" of your site. This give you the ability to give your Desktop version a different look. You can now change the background which is shown on the desktop site.


Improvements and Fixes: builder

  • Login to with social platform contained a bug.
  • Content changes to certain blocks were not always saved correctly.
  • Changing colors of your site is much faster.
  • Add block wizard is faster.
  • The crawler searches for hi-res background images.
  • Small improvements in skins; better logo handling and more suited color settings.
  • Performance when building/editing a site on iPad is improved.
  • Deleting sites gave an error in some cases.



  • The appearance of the Desktop version of your website is improved. Just publish your site again to see the changes. All screens where we showed a list and details to the right side have been improved. 
  • Items like photos or products are now being opened in a popup.
  • Improved the sharing options in certain blocks.
  • Scaling of fonts improved, certain fonts were not scaled properly.
  • Call button didn’t work in some navigation styles.
  • Fixed a bug when using podcasts in your site.
  • Instagram images can now be square and/or portrait/landscape.
  • Twitter block has a higher resolution profile picture
  • Fonts are now also used in the weather block.




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