Release Notes 2015-11-12

New Features

New plan names
We renamed the plans from Basic and Plus to Starter and Business. The features of the two different paid plans are the same. We are also working on a Native App Store version where you can get a native app in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. We will keep you posted when that will go live.

New navigation styles
We have added 2 new navigation styles:

  1. One menu shows 3 icons on the bottom of the home screen which leaves more space for a beautiful home screen image. You can slide up the menu with a swipe from the bottom. 
  2. Right-side sliding menu.

3. And we improved the look and feel of the tab bar navigation.


Demo data
We have introduced the concept of demo data. When adding a block, some blocks will be shown with demo data inside, so you get an immediate feel of how the block will work in your site.

Both the builder and previewer show clearly that demo data is shown. You can remove the demo data by clicking the demo data button  or start editing the data itself. 

If you publish your site, blocks with demo data will not be published.


Other new features

  • New fonts: We added more fonts to give your site that special touch.
  • New backgrounds: There are a few new backgrounds available.
  • Portuguese: The builder is now available in Portuguese. You can change your language settings in your Account Settings screen, which you can access in the top right corner.

  • Twitter block: When adding the block you can choose between adding a hashtag or an account.

  • Re-arranged the categories while creating a site: We now show 6 main categories. Other categories can be found under the ‘show more’ button.


Improvements and fixes
Next to these new features we improved a lot of other stuff. Below you can read all about it. builder:

  • The Analytics dashboard of your site is improved.
  • Changing a block name didn’t refresh the previewer.
  • Re-calculating colors: When you change the background the colors should fit better to that background.
  • Changing colors sometimes resulted in another font.
  • Find more images: our crawler searches for more and better background images to use in your site.
  • After (re)publishing your site we added a continue building button so you can go back to your site.
  • Find better logos: The crawler finds better logos to use in the skin.
  • Add block wizard is much faster.
  • When adding blocks in a submenu on mobile, they weren’t always placed in that specific submenu.
  • iPad : In preview mode the desktop preview is now available.
  • The previewer follows your actions much better now.


Your created site (output):

Sharing and social:

  • Share button is now shown on the page instead of in separate bar on bottom.
  • Sharing events is now possible.
  • Improved look of the /share page.
  • Blocks with long lists like Facebook and Twitter now support Load more. The site will automatically load more tweets/posts/items when you are at the bottom of the screen.


Fixes in photo block: 

  • When clicking on photo, sometimes wrong photo was shown.
  • Default zoom level images is now set correctly on both smartphone and tablet devices.
  • Instagram sometimes only showed 2 images in one row instead of 3.
  • Instagram videos are now always shown on all types of devices.
  • Instagram: not square images are now supported.
  • Tumblr photos: Dates are shown in right format.


Homescreen on smartphone:

  • On ipad Header title was shown too small.
  • Sometimes Shape was shown through title on homescreen.


Desktop view of your site:

  • Points of interest didn’t always open in the right way.
  • Homepage on desktop doesn’t show empty sections anymore.
  • Only first found phonenumber is shown on desktop in top right corner.
  • Improved design of About block on Homepage on desktop > if no image in About block.


Various blocks:

  • Blog: blog articles have SEO optimized URLs.
  • Contact form: optimized colors used.
  • Contact form: Sending from mobile works again.
  • Contact : Map and Pin are  always shown.
  • Coupons : detail page has better looking header.
  • Discography: Albums are shown bigger.
  • Events: The search bar in events block is fixed.
  • Facebook: images are shown in better format.
  • Facbeook: show amount of likes per post.
  • Flappy burger is fixed.
  • Hours block: improved layouts.
  • Hours block:  also shows am/pm.
  • Lists with featured items: sometimes list wasn’t shown.
  • Music > soundcloud didn’t show No tracks on desktop.
  • Music > Discography : playing two tracks after eachother, first track was played twice.
  • People block got a big update to align the buttons better and make them work better.
  • POI block: improved zoomlevel.
  • The band : Linkedin button is always visible.
  • Rss: clicking on photo in article is nos shown in new page.
  • Added new Social block where you can enter Facebook and Twitter account.


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