Release Notes 2016-04-04

This update contains both fixes and major improvements for the Store.
We've also added SEO Settings for your site, a new image selector and the ability to add your own Google Analytics tracking key. Builder


Store - Cash on Delivery:

Lets your customers skip online payment and pay when you deliver the order, or when they pick it up. Enable this feature by clicking on Payment Providers > Cash on Delivery > Edit.
You can manually adjust the status of your order to ‘Paid’ whenever you get payed by your customer.


SEO settings:
In the Settings of your site you can now add your own SEO information.

Image Selector/Editor:
We have a new Image Selector/Editor for top images. We will gradually add this to other places and introduce new features/options as well.

Personal Google Analytics Tracking Key:
Gather your analytics with your own Google Analytics tracking key.


Improvements & fixes:
- Improvements made to the Analytics screen
- Improvements made to the Text editor
- Improvements in searching for blocks in ‘Add more content’
- Store: improvements made to the Discount screen
- Ability to add images to your Menus
- Introduction of tooltips to help you understand what a field means. Look for the ‘?’ next to a field.

Output Website

Improvements & fixes:
- Several fixes for Microsoft Edge 
- Fixes for the One Page design when viewed on mobile and tablet devices in landscape mode
- Fixes for sliding menu on mobile and tablet when rotating the device
- Layout for Menus is improved (and Menus can contain images now)
- Store: Order confirmation containing your order number is displayed a few seconds longer on the screen
- Store: Improvements for displaying the store on a tablet
- Store: You can now search for products.

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