Release Notes 2016-04-26

This update contains new features and fixes for the Builder. 

Impressly Builder


Copy website
When you like your site and want to re-use its design, structure and/or content for another project, you can click on the copy () icon in the My Apps view.

Free Email Addresses with every domain
When you register you domain at, you can now also register up to 3 email addresses

Disable content
You can disable any of your items with the on/off switch in the top right corner. That way you can update your site and continue working on other content at the same time.

Disabled items will not be published, or will be unpublished if they were visible in your published site.

"Support Email" and "Call Us"
It is now possible to enter a support email address and a phone number for each of your sites. This way, your site's visitor can contact you. This can be done in Site > Settings. This can be handy if you have multiple sites with

New image database
Need a nice Top Image? We've connected to a royalty-free, image search database. It will allow you to add beautiful images to your site for that extra touch.

- PayU support in India
- Added Dutch translations
- Several small improvements for the Store 

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