Release Notes 2016-05-19

This update contains new features and fixes for the Builder. 

Impressly Builder

SEO settings per page
With the new version of you can edit the SEO Settings per block. This gives you the ability to optimize each page of your site to make sure everybody can find you. 

Make sure you republish your site when you are done.

Before you can start using this you have to enable this in your Site's main settings.

Configure SEO per page


Edit SEO per page


For the last few weeks we've had some problems with the Analytics of your site. We have worked very hard to refactor this part to make sure they are working again. 
As of now the Analytics are shown again. Some older data is missing but is being recalculated in the next few days.


Open url in new Tab
In the URLs and Webpage block we show a setting to open urls in a new tab.

Other fixes:
- Support for Microsoft Edge browser
- Improved sharing items in several blocks from your website
- For our Brazilian customers: Correios shipping method added
- Fonts not working in some pages
- Cutting of texts in Firefox browser
- Deeplinking to an item that is in a submenu block




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