Release Notes 2016-06-17

This update contains new features and fixes for the Builder. 

Impressly Builder

Beautiful Restaurant Menu card templates

Add your Restaurant Menu
We have made beautiful templates you can add to your Restaurant Menu. 
Click on ‘+ Add more content’ and search for ‘Menu’. We offer several options to add your Menu:

  • SinglePlatform: If you have your menu available on SinglePlatform choose this option, fill in your Restaurant’s details and retrieve all Menu data from SinglePlatform. New data on SinglePlatform will be automatically send to daily!
  • Manual: If you don’t have your menu online then start adding menu items manually. 
  • PDF: If you have your menu available in PDF format, you can just upload them to make it instantly available on your site.
  • Locu: If you have your menu available on Locu choose this option, fill in your Restaurant’s details and retrieve all Menu data from Locu.


Manage your Menu
After you’ve added your Menu manually, or by using SinglePlatform or Locu as a source, you have the ability to Manage your Menu data.

You can add new Menu items, Categories (i.e. Lunch, Dinner, etc.) and even Tags (Spicy, Vegan, etc.)!

Change the style of your menu

When you’re done adjusting your Menu items, you can even choose a new style. Go to Styling, click on the button to go to your Menu block, tab Style. You can adjust the font, layout and even the dividers!



HTTPS/SSL: Secure transactions for your Store
When a customer orders your product or service, the payment is handled by Payment Providers like Stripe or PayPal. All communication on the servers of these Payment Providers is already handled over HTTPS/SSL. As an extra security measure we now have added functionality to handle the complete checkout functionality over HTTPS/SSL. This means that not only the financial transaction itself (on the servers of the Payment Providers), but also contact and address details during checkout on your site are handled over HTTPS/SSL.

Your customer will be redirected to after clicking on checkout in their cart. They can then fill in their contact details and pay through your configured Payment Providers securely over HTTPS/SSL. After the payment customers will be redirected to your site again.

Good to know: You need to republish your website before your customers can make use of this new functionality.


Cookie law and your own published site are now compliant with the cookie law. 

Instagram API changes
As you maybe have noticed; the Instagram block is not working properly.
Due to changes to the API of Instagram we are forced to change the way we connect with an Instagram account. As of now the only way to show Instagram images is to open it in a new tab/window.
If you experience problems in your site please remove the item from your site and add the new one. Make sure you republish your site.

Other changes/fixes:
- The image editor is now available on all places within
- We tweaked the crawler to find the right Facebook page or website.



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